Luxury Car Mats: 4 Reasons Why Luxury Car Owners Need Them

August 13, 2020

Luxury Car Accessories

When you pay a premium price for your luxury vehicle, it’s a given expectation that every spec of the car should be top notch. The exterior of the car is cosmetically pristine, the engine has unmatched capabilities, the seats are made of high quality automotive leather - the list goes on.

But yet, it is industry standard for the car mats to be made of carpet or rubber. At Beverly Hills Motoring, we believe those materials do not cut it for the high end industry segment of automotives. That’s why we offer much higher quality materials for car mats such as  top grain automotive grade leather,  carbon fiber, and  sheepskin. Making sure you have luxury car mats crafted from these materials are the missing piece to many vehicles. In this article, we will be detailing the four main benefits of substituting the typical cloth or rubber for these luxury car mats. 

1) Luxury Car Mats Are An Elegant Upgrade From Stock Car Mats

Carpet & rubber mats fail to match the top grade automotive leather of the seats, and are inferior when it comes to the preservation of the floor well. While many custom car floor mats will get the job done more effectively than stock mats, we highly recommend using 100% genuine automotive leather or carbon fiber car floor mats. It completes the interior, providing an incredibly stylish, and unique finish. Our mat colors can be customized to a wide variety of colors whether you wish to match the leather of your seats, or create a striking contrast between them. Providing that the mats are custom fit to any car - no matter how rare, the firm protection that leather or carbon fiber will provide to the interior is an investment in itself. 

Leather car mats

2) All-Weather Durability & Ease of Cleaning

Carpet floor mats infamously lack durability, and are painful to maintain cleanliness. The material naturally collects dirt between fibers, allergens, mold, are obviously prone to stains, and will show clear visible wear as the car is used. The materials stated earlier are all-weather, with the capabilities of withstanding snow, rain, mud, and any other unwanted elements you may drag in from the outside. Both leather and carbon fiber will last much longer, will not stain, and provide the ultimate protection to the vehicle. Rather than having to get a deep cleaning for cloth car mats, cleaning these materials is as simple as wetting a microfiber towel,and wiping them down. With proper care, they are guaranteed to last in pristine condition for years. The same cannot be said about its stock counterpart, with its relatively short shelf life and strong vulnerabilities. 


3) Exact Measurements For Every Model/Make/Year

Luxury car mats, like the ones that can be found on our  website, are crafted using the exact measurements of the year, make, and model of your vehicle. It is common for automotive manufacturers to alter the size and shape of both the driver and passenger side floor wells when they release a new body style. This means when you are looking to upgrade your car mats, you must ensure that the vendor has the capabilities to provide the exact measurements of your current vehicle. 

Why does this matter? Stock car mats are not optimal for protecting the vehicle floor wells, universal floor mats will inevitably leave areas of the floor well exposed, and this will end up being costly to the value of the car. Every time we step foot into our car it creates another opportunity to damage the interior. This chronic wear and tear will obviously damage the value and appearance of the vehicle. Once the car floor is damaged, it is incredibly challenging to salvage, especially when rust, deep stains, and other serious forms of deterioration take place. That is why it is important to be proactive, and avoid this mess all together. Luxury car mats not only provide a cosmetic function, but incredible utility in protection. 

4) Our Luxury Car Mats Fasten to All Floor Wells

As we talked about earlier, there are countless makes, models and years in the vast collection of cars in the market. Reiterating how important it is to make sure the mats are tailored to the precise measurements of your car. Since the mats are an exact match to any car, that means they have the ability to fasten to any floor well necessary with our equipped hooks. This is another crucial element for the preservation of the interior. Without the ability to fasten the mats, we know that they will be constantly shifted, exposing vulnerable areas of the car. That’s not the only issue, mats not fastening have been a documented safety issue as noted by consumer reports. Mats that do not fasten have had incidents where they press upon the accelerator, causing accidents.

To conclude, various kinds of custom car floor mats will provide better protection, optics, and precise fitting in comparison to universal or stock car floor mats. All of these factors have a lasting impact on the long term value of your vehicle, and the perceived value that it has to yourself and others. The material used in the mats will also make a world of difference in relation to the value, look, and protection of your car. This is a key variable in the equation, as it is the foundation of the product itself and must not be taken lightly. It is the material and craftsmanship that separates our luxury car mats from the standard. Before purchasing custom mats on a whim, it is imperative to do your research on the vendors in the marketplace to ensure that the products meet the criteria for the needs of your vehicle, and of course for yourself. 

We would love to hear any thoughts, opinions, or experiences that you guys have had pertaining to this topic, or in the automotive industry in general. With our vast experience in the business, we aim to provide great value to our readers, and appreciate all and any feedback. 


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