10 Reasons To Get Custom Car Covers From BHMA

September 29, 2020

Custom Car Cover BHMA

After your house, your car is your biggest investment. So it makes sense to protect your investment in your car - whether it’s a classic or just plain transportation - as fully as possible. We decided to ask our customers why they chose to protect their car with a BHMA custom car cover.

1. BHMA’s Custom Car Covers Are The World’s Softest - Guaranteed Against Scratching For A Lifetime.

We’re so confident our custom car covers are the world’s softest, we offer a Lifetime Guarantee against scratching your paint and a pro-rated warranty on craftsmanship and materials.

2. BHMA Custom Car Covers Are The Best Fitting, With Fewer Seams And A Computer-Aided Fit.

There are many car covers on the market today. Some are universal fitting covers. They are one-size fits all. BHMA car covers, on the other hand, are custom made using the latest computer-aid design and manufacturing equipment. Recently, BHMA spent a great deal of time and money upgrading its factory. Unlike other car cover companies that still hand cut and sew their covers, our computers have mathematically figured out how to make each cover using fewer seams. Because our covers have fewer seams than our competitors, they fit better, have less chance of stretching and offer better protection for your car. Fewer seams means less chance of tears, so your cover will last longer. In addition, fewer seams make our covers look more symmetrical when covering your car. 

3.BHMA’s Custom Car Covers Protect Your Car Better.

BHMA custom car covers keep out dirt, dust, and debris that can dull the luster of your car even when it’s parked in a garage. Without a cover, the sun can bake your car’s finish until it cracks and peels, and the heat and UV rays can damage your car’s dash, rear deck and upholstery. The wind throws dirt, gravel and other debris against uncovered cars, causing tiny dings. If you don’t use a cover, hard rain and acid rain can dull your vehicle’s color, and the snow can corrode and rust your finish.

Although slightly more costly initially, BHMA custom-fitting car covers protect thoroughly saving you a fortune in the long run by protecting your interior and exterior from these and other elements.

4. BHMA Can Custom Make A Cover For Every Vehicle.

No matter what kind of vehicle you’re driving, we can make a snug-fitting cover just for you. We have thousands of patterns to fit the exact dimensions of almost every vehicle. For custom or very special vehicles, contact us and we will obtain your car’s measurements - guaranteed. 

5. BHMA Custom Car Covers Help Prevent Automobile Theft.

Don’t just lock your car when leaving it in public, cover it with a BHMA car cover as an additional theft deterrent. That’s because only BHMA offers Lockguard, a complete locking system for your cover. Only our cover puts an added obstacle in a thief’s path. With a BHMA cover locked into place, it just isn’t worth a thief’s time to deal with the car cover lock and a locked vehicle, too.

6. BHMA's LOCKGUARD and GUSTGUARD Are Incredibly Inexpensive.

Only BHMA’s custom car covers offer this kind of protection, too. Sewn into each lower side panel of our covers are plastic grommets through which you easily thread reinforced steel aircraft wire cable to run underneath your car. You then secure the cable and the cover with Lockguard’s hardened one-inch brass lock. Our GustGuard hasadjustable security cords with clamps that help hold car and light truck covers in place against the toughest of weather conditions.(Free shipping when ordered with any car cover). 

Lockguard available for: $20.00

Car Cover Lock


Gustguard available for: $19.00

Car Cover Gust Guard

7. BHMA’s Custom Car Covers Fit Easily Into Storage Bags.

Our zippered duffle bag is designed to easily store your custom car cover. When you lift and fold the sides of your car cover, then roll it over the top or hood of your vehicle, the cylindrical roll fits neatly into this 31” long duffle bag. Made of the same tough, durable material as our car covers and equipped with two sturdy carrying handles. Available in black, tan, or gray. 

Storage Bags Available For: $32.00

Car Cover Storage Bag

8. BHMA’s Custom Car Covers Are Sewn With The Strongest, Most Durable Stitching Technology.

While other car cover companies still sew their covers using a chain stitch which can easily unravel and leave your car cover in pieces, we have computer-sewing machines which use a lock stitch. Computer sewing machines are more accurate. They never miss a stitch or forget to double stitch each seam like people sometimes do. We’ve programmed our sewing machines to sew each seam using a lock stitch. A lock stitch not only gives you two stitches on each seam, but it locks the material you are sewing together. So BHMA’s custom car covers are stronger at the seams than other covers.

9. No One Offers you A Bigger Variety Of Fabrics For Every Weather Condition

To ensure a long-lasting fit, we only use pre-shrunk or non-shrink fabrics. Most are machine washable.

FlannelGuard Supreme Indoor Car Cover:  For the car in your garage. Our Flannelguard Supreme Car Covers are lined with 100% Cotton and offer the ultimate indoor protection for your car. Custom fit form our library of over 100k vehicle patterns, this stretchable fabric made with a unique combination of Spandex and Lycra will fit your car precisely. 

Indoor Custom Car Cover

FlannelGuard: Provide excellent indoor storage protection, to protect against dust and dirt. The cover is heavy weight but still breathable, extra thick in order to prevent dings from opening car doors.

Indoor Custom Car Cover

WeatherGuard Outdoor Car Cover:5-Star Outdoor Fabric to protect your vehicle form the harshest of weather conditions. Incredible protection from harmful UV-rays, rain, snow, tree sap, bird droppings, dust, pollen, dings, scratches, and anything else that may harm the exterior.

Outdoor Custom Car Cover

UltraGuard Outdoor Car Cover: Light-weight high performance woven fabric built for all weather conditions. Ultraguard’s coated fabric has a ‘storm resistant’ rating - it will actually repel rain and snow to protect your car, while still allowing moisture or condensation to evaporate under the fabric. 

Outdoor Custom Car Cover

10. BHMA Can Custom Embroider Your Initials, License Number And Automobile Logo On Your Car Cover.

Let us embroider your car cover with your license number, name, initials, car make and model, or a special message. It not only looks great, it’s one more deterrent against theft.

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