Beverly Hills Motoring Accessories: Our Story

Beverly Hills Motoring Accessories started from a dream and vision over 40 years ago, in 1976.

Today we create the highest quality, exclusive accessories, for the world's finest cars with an emphasis on the customer.

We were the first with custom made car covers, the most elegant and best custom made floor mats, Porsche Design products, AMG performance enhancements, and the first twenty years ago to build custom Suburbans, Lincoln Navigators with advanced electronics and performance and luxury upgrades that set the stage for the amazing SUV's produced by all of the worlds best brands. 

The company was sold in 1998, and now is back in the hands of the Cohen family and is once again a family business, with the same vision and mission that we started with 40 years ago; which is to supply the highest quality, exclusive accessories for the new and higher performance and quality cars and trucks that exist today. 

Many things have changed in 40 years, with the most important difference being the existence of the internet - which enables our fast online instead of our slow paper catalog, faster and more efficient shipping, and service to respond to your questions, concerns, and suggestions. 

As always, your satisfaction is guaranteed, and we are always available to answer your e-mails or phone calls. 

kevin cohen andy cohen beverly hills motoring accessories

Thanks and Happy Motoring! 

Andy Cohen, Founder (left), and his son Kevin Cohen, President (right)