BHMA Quilted Leather Mats

Custom-Fit Leather Mats to protect your interior.

Custom fit for your vehicle


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  • Some interiors deserve a more luxurious material than rubber.

    That's why we decided to design a floor mat made with top-grain Italian leather, made from automotive hides that are specifically tanned to make the car mats incredibly durable, waterproof, and very easy to clean. We wrote a great guide on how to clean and care for your mats.

    Our floor mats are custom made to fit your vehicle precisely. 

    These All-Weather floor mats are not only a luxury for your vehicle, but a hygienic and easy to clean part of your car. Sand, dirt, mud, food or water don't stand a chance against these car mats. 

    We most likely have your car pattern in our database, but if not, give us a call and we will measure it!

  • Beverly Hills Motoring Accessories, LLC warrants that our leather floor mats will be free from any manufacturing defects and workmanship for the life of the product & for the original purchaser & vehicle that the mats were purchased for. This does not mean that an item that simply wears out from normal use is a candidate for a replacement or refund. Like any natural leather product such as your wallet, shoes, or couch - everything eventually wears out and when it does, this does not mean you did not receive good value for your purchase. 

    We are reasonable people and want every customer who purchases from Beverly Hills Motoring Accessories to be satisfied for a lifetime. We will work with you to find a fair resolution to any issue you may experience. Our decision is final.

    Exclusions to this warranty include damage to your mats from sharp objects or severe abrasive conditions, chemical contamination such as petroleum, damage from car accidents, misuse, abuse, etc.

  • Are these Leather Mats designed for All-Weather Conditions?

    The hides we source are tanned specifically for automotive use that - making them waterproof, non-slip, and very easy to clean. Dirt, mud, water, sand, or food spills easy clean off our mats with just a damp cloth and mild soap. We use the same type of leather you would find in automotive upholstery/seats.

    Are your Leather Mats durable? 

    Our Leather Mats are VERY durable. With proper care, the life-time of these floors mats is generally many years. You can read about proper leather floor mat care here.

    Are these floor mats made with genuine leather?

    All of our BHMA Leather Floor mats are made in the USA with the highest quality top-grain Italian leather, from real cows. This is a premium product made with high end leather. Don't be fooled by competitors that sell "diamond floor mats" and advertise Chinese vinyl mats in a deceiving way. Our product is the real deal.

    Are these floor mats custom-fit for my car?

    Absolutely. Every set of mat is cut per order specifically for each individual vehicle. We have thousands of patterns measured for almost every vehicle configuration. Almost every set of mats that comes out of our factory is different - based on the high level of customization available to our customers.

    Can you make Leather Mats to protect my trunk/cargo area?

    Absolutely. You can select "Cargo Liner" from the drop down list on the product page you are on.

    I don't see my car in your drop down list, what should I do? 

    We can and will make mats for any car. Please contact us here with your vehicle information and we will provide instructions to move forward.

    How long should I expect for delivery of my Custom-Fit Leather Mats? 

    Each set of mats is custom crafted for for your car. Please allow around 2-4 weeks for delivery to your door step.

    How do the mats fasten securely in my vehicle?

    We provide a fastening system to secure your floor mats safely to your floor well, using your car's OEM fasteners when available.

    What is your return policy?

    Each set of mats is made to order and customized to your vehicle's year/make/model and color specifications chosen. Therefore, we cannot accept returns or exchanges on customized items as they were cut custom for your vehicle. We are reasonable people, and if you have an issue related to sizing or manufacturer's defect, we will work towards a fair solution for both parties. 

    Cancellation Period:

    We allow 24 hours from the time of purchase to cancel or modify orders for custom made items Once we've began manufacturing your item(s), we will be unable to accomodate requests for cancellations or modifications to your selected vehicle or colors.


Hear from luxury car owners around the country on what they think of their BHMA Quilted Leather Mats

“I love my leather mats. They look great and upgrade my interior”

- Dave F, Tesla Model X Owner

“Thank you Beverly Hills Motoring - my floor mats look great and they clean so easily!"

- Louis C, Audi RS5 Owner

"BHMA’s Leather mats are so well made and elegant - I bought others for all of my cars!"

- Alpio, Ferrari 550 Owner Maranello

Proudly manufactured in the USA.
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