Beverly Hills Motoring Accessories Gift Guide for Car Lovers

May 06, 2021

Beverly Hills Motoring Accessories Gift Guide for Car Lovers

BHMA Gift Guide for Car Lovers 

Giving gifts is always a challenge, it is hard to know what other people want. However, the best way to start is to find out what they like and go from there. Chances are, if you are reading this article you are looking for a gift for a car lover in your life. If you are anything like me, it takes seemingly forever to find the perfect gift. At times, it can feel just about impossible to find something both practical and thoughtful, seeing as usually gifts are one or the other-- but here at Beverly Hills Motoring Accessories, we’ve got you covered. This article is the ultimate gift guide for car lovers! We will help you find the perfect gift, one that is both practical and unique featuring our products that are all proudly manufactured in the USA.

Since our products are custom made and do require the make and model of the car, we have some tips on how you can ask whomever you are gifting if you do not already know their car make/model/year. 

  1. You are collecting information for a project (at work or school) and would like to know what car they have
  2. You saw an interesting post about the most common cars on Reddit (or your preferred social media platform/news source) and are asking around to see how accurate it is 
  3. Say you are looking to potentially get a new car, ask them what they currently have and how they like it

(If you think of any other ideas, please feel free to email Skyler!!)

For the traveler- BHMA Carbon Fiber Floor Mats 


  • We all have that one person in our life that isalways traveling. This week it was Utah, next week is a road trip to Arizona, it never seems to end! Well, an excellent gift for the traveler in your life is our BHMA Carbon Fiber Floor Mats. They are custom fit to your Year/Make/Model Vehicle, have various customizable color options, and are made with high density CX6 Carbon Fiber. These floor mats are unbelievably durable, so they are great for any adventure! Additionally, they are weather-proof and can handle mud, dirt, sand, and even food or water. Since they are non-slip, when the traveler is in rainy weather their feet won’t be sliding around. Not only are they easy to clean but also they do not take much time to do so. There is a protective coating on our carbon fiber mats, so they will last many years and many trips in any car. In short, this is the perfect gift for the on the go person- easy to clean, easy to maintain, and incredibly durable. 

For the luxury lover- BHMA Quilted Leather Mats 

  • Do they love luxury cars, or even just luxurious things in general? Then the perfect gift for the luxury lover is our BHMA Quilted Leather Mats. BHMA Quilted Leather Mats have are custom fit and have many customizable trim options - made with top-grain Italian automotive leather. These hides are tanned to make sure that the mats are not only waterproof but also durable and easy to clean. In addition to all of these amazing features, these floor mats are resistant from dirt, mud, sand, food, and even water. These mats are great for any vehicle, making any car interior look instantly more luxurious.

For the beach lover- BHMA Carbon Fiber Floor Mats 

  • Yes, we know we already suggested these, but there is a reason we chose them for beach lovers. They are sand resistant and super easy to clean, something frequent beach goers will benefit from rather than struggling to get the sand out of their current floor mats. Often times beach lovers will end up getting frequent car washes and detailing, something that is not cheap. While these mats are somewhat more expensive than others, they do not need to sit out and dry for hours nor do they require going to the car wash and paying $100+ to get detailing done after frequent beach visits. What we are saying is that for a beach lover, these mats quickly pay for themselves. Might even be a good idea to grab one of our custom fit sun shades to add to their gift so their car is nice and cool once they get back from their time enjoying the beach! 

For the one who lives in the heat- Ultra-Guard Outdoor Car Cover 

  • With summer approaching, the weather is finally getting warmer. While people are able to beat the heat by using air conditioning, jumping in the pool, and so on, often our cars sit in the sun. No, they cannot get sunburnt but they can be affected by UV rays which can damage the paint, interior, and wheels. If the person you are seeking a gift for lives where the weather is frequently warm and sunny, then an excellent gift for them is our Ultra Guard Outdoor Car Cover. The Ultra Guard Outdoor Car Cover is the ideal car cover for UV exposure and is made for use in areas subject to prolonged sun exposure. Not only will it protect against UV rays, but it is also storm resistant due to its coating- meaning it will repel rain and snow, perfect for any sudden changes in weather and can be used year-round. Additionally, it will keep cars free of dirt, pollen, and scratches, truly anything that would affect one’s cars exterior. Need to put it away? Well this car cover folds up completely and fits in any trunk. Talk about convenient! Looking for a way to store a car cover? Check out our car cover storage bags

For the one who lives in the cold with a garage- Flannel Guard Supreme Indoor Car Cover 

  • Cold weather and cars are always a challenge, but thankfully many of those in colder climates have a garage. That being said, letting your car sit in the garage uncovered leaves it prone to scratches from other vehicles and objects as well as collecting dust and dirt. The perfect gift for those in colder climates that have a garage (or interior place to store their vehicle) will appreciate a Flannel Guard Supreme Indoor Car Cover. The Flannel Guard Supreme Indoor Car Cover comes with a soft flannel lining and are perfect for providing indoor storage protection. This car cover is our most affordable indoor cover that we offer and features the thickest flannel lining available on the market. It is completely breathable, meaning moisture will not stay trapped under the cover. It is also treated so that it is resistant to rot and mildew in humid climates. With double stitched seams, elastic at the bottom, being machine washable, and foldable to a size that fits in trunks it is protective of one’s car, easy to clean, and easy to store. 

For the one who lives in the rain/cold with no garage/park outside- Weather Guard Outdoor Car Cover

  • Looking for a gift for someone who lives where there is a lot of weather changes and storms? Then the Weather Guard Outdoor Car Cover is the perfect gift, especially for those who frequently park outside. This car cover is designed to protect cars from the elements, even when it is sunny out. The Weather Guard Outdoor Car Cover is snow, rain, and UV ray proof, along with preventing dust build up and scratches that may harm a car's exterior. Weather Guard Car Covers are made from a light-weight, Space-Age fabric and are suitable for all weather conditions. The coated fabric for the Weather Guard Cover has been rated “storm resistant” since it repels rain and snow. No need to worry about moisture or condensation, it will evaporate under the fabric! When not in use, this cover can be folded up and stored in a trunk or wherever is easiest. 

For the one with the dark interior- BHMA Custom-Fit Sunshade 

  • As a SoCal native myself, there have been far too many days (especially in the summer) where I have to wait for my car to cool down before I start driving. Do not even get me started on touching a hot seat belt-- simply the worst! For car lovers that have darker interiors, a BHMA Custom-Fit Sunshade is an excellent gift. Each sun shade is custom made to fit each vehicle perfectly so that it can keep cars cooler and prevents UV ray damage to the interior. Our Custom-Fit sun shade has a Triple Laminate Construction and has a foam core center that acts as an insulator. Currently we offer 5 different color options, each of which are guaranteed to be an excellent gift for the person with a dark interior. 

For the one who likes to be comfy while driving- Sheepskin Floor Mats 

  • We all know someone in our life who enjoys being comfortable especially when they are on the go. Who’s to blame them? Our Sheepskin Floor Mats are the perfect gift for those car lovers who like to drive in ultimate comfort. They are made from the finest New Zealand and Australian sheepskin and are filled with solid foam. There is also special rubber backing added for stability in these mats so they will stay in place. Under the pedals there is genuine leather sewn into the sheepskin. Additionally, there is a protective leather pad in the driver side floor mat designed for one’s feet while driving. You will be seen as the ultimate comfort-meets-luxury gift giver of the season!

So, there you have it, BHMA ultimate gift guide! We hope that this article helped you in your search for gifts. If there is any other way we can help you please feel free to send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Happy gifting!


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