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Custom-Fit Leather Mats to protect your interior.

Custom fit for your vehicle


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Custom fit for your vehicle

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  • BHMA Carbon Fiber Leather Mats

    Beverly Hills Motoring Handcrafted Carbon Fiber Floor Mats are made with genuine Italian Leather, made to look just like carbon fiber. These waterproof floor mats are not only a luxury for your vehicle, but a hygienic and easy to clean part of your car. We have a unique finish on our leather mats that protects from not only water, but also even tougher spills dirt and grime cannot penetrate our mats. You spilled ketchup, soda, or even milk on our mats? No problem! Beverly Hills Motoring Leather Mats clean easily just a little soap and water.

    These beautiful and precious leather floor mats are not only durable, but also safe. They come with safety attachments to harness and stick to the bottom of your car. Leather is not slick, driving in even the most dangerous conditions such as water and snow will not make your feet slip, when properly installed, and the mats will stay firmly in place. 

    We have hundreds of thousands of patterns for you to select from. We most likely have your car pattern in our database, but if not, we will measure it! 

  • Beverly Hills Motoring Accessories, LLC warrants that our leather floor mats will be free from any manufacturing defects and workmanship for the life of the product & for the original purchaser & vehicle that the mats were purchased for. This does not mean that an item that simply wears out from normal use is a candidate for a replacement or refund. Like any natural leather product such as your wallet, shoes, or couch - everything eventually wears out and when it does, this does not mean you did not receive good value for your purchase.

    We are reasonable people and want every customer who purchases from Beverly Hills Motoring Accessories to be satisfied for a lifetime. We will work with you to find a fair resolution to any issue you may experience. Our decision is final.

    Exclusions to this warranty include damage to your mats from sharp objects or severe abrasive conditions, chemical contamination such as petroleum, damage from car accidents, misuse, abuse, etc.

  • Are these mats custom-fit for my vehicle?

    Absolutely. Every set of floor mats from Beverly Hills Motoring Accessories is measured and custom-fit to precisely cover and protect the interior of your vehicle.

    Why should I use Rubber Floor Mats?

    Rubber are an excellent material to protect your vehicle and are very easy to clean. That are ideal for all weather conditions - whether it be rain, snow, dirt or mud - to keep you safe and your interior clean.

    How do these mats secure?

    Our non-slip rubber mats secure safely with our factory compatible fastening system.

    I don't see my car on your drop down list. Can you make a pattern for my vehicle?

    Absolutely. Please submit a contact form here with your Year/Make/Model information and we will assist you further.

Proudly manufactured in the USA.
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